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Posted October 15, 2010 by marilynfarmer

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  1. Marilyn Farmer, thank you for all your blogs, photos, and posts on your OAT trips. Every time we choose an OAT or Grand Circle Cruise Line trip, it seems that you have been there before, and your postings inspire us and help us determine what the experience will be like. They have been so useful to us. I just looked at your beautiful Heart of India pictures, for we leave in less than a week for that trip. I just wanted you to know that your blogs have helped others. From some farmers (not Farmers) in California

    • Thank you so much K. I am so glad you are traveling and seeing the world. It’s a grand place out there isn’t it? I just made a new and improved slide show of India this week. We are giving that as a program for a couple organizations. I was reminded what beautiful and vivid colors were all around India. The young ladies are so beautiful. Something that stands out in my mind is that no matter how poor some of the men seemed that still had sparkling,white shirts on. You will love being in India with OAT, they do it so well. Enjoy, have fun and keep on traveling.

  2. Hello – My Name is Nick Starrenburg. My wife and I are doing the Norway cruise in December this year on the Nordkapp and I just stumbled on your blog post. Thank you so much! If it is at all possible, we would love to ask some questions by email about things that you could give advice on – clothes, provisions, ship etc. We are Australians and, although we have been to “mainland” Europe in winter we have never been this far north. Winter clothing tips are an issue of particular interest.

    • Hi Nick. I will email you at the listed address. It may be a couple of days because we are at the Kentucky Derby at the moment. Watched the Oaks today and will see the big derby race tomorrow. We are dragging in our tracks, haha. The main thing I can tell you is dress warmly. We both have down coats and they were needed. It was very cold. Plus gloves, hats, down boots, long under warm, wool scarves. I will catch you later with more. It is one of our favorite trips. Being there on the shortest day of the year and never seeing the sun come up is fantastic.

  3. Hi, We are about to book the OAT trip to Tuscany and I saw your pictures under traveler reviews on their website. We know we must book soon but can’t decide between March 27 and May 15. We are concerned about the temp being too cold in March. I see in your pictures you all have jackets on in March. We dont like cold weather so just wondering how it was, You did not comment if it was uncomfortable. Can you please help me make this decision ? I am driving my husband crazy! The trips are booking up fast. Thanks, Anne 215-638-4077

    • Hi Anne,
      Yes we had jackets & they felt good most of the time. I had the purple windbreaker & had also taken a very light down jacket. I have no idea what the average temperature was. I wore the light weight down a few days & it was just right as was the windbreaker on other days. We like cold weather & not hot weather. Most of our travels internationally are booked during cold weather. Two reasons: cheaper travel period & we don’t mind cold weather. We try to dress appropriately for cold weather. With the March date being on the 27th you would already be 11 days closer to spring than we were on March 16. So….spend more money to book in May when the temp. will most likely be warmer, or spend less by booking for March & bring a jacket, that is the question. Regardless of which date you decide on I can tell you this trip is a spectacular. Get it booked while the dates are open. Happy travels!

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